Prayer Request: John Allen Missing

Prayer Request: John Allen Missing

Many of you have over this last week been praying for the Allen family.

Yesterday they released this statement via Cumbria Constabulary:

John Allen, aged 76, from Preston, is described as 5ft 8”, of slim build and is bald. He was wearing a green fleece, green suede trousers and walking boots. He was last seen at Ravenglass Estuary at around 9am yesterday morning (28th April).

A number of agencies have been involved in the search – including Cumbria Police, Coastguard, Cumbria Fire and Rescue, CNC, National Police Air Service, and mountain rescue teams – but sadly no sign of Mr Allen has been found yet.

The family of Mr Allen have released this statement:

“13 members of the Allen family from Preston enjoyed a memorable few days last weekend in the beautiful Eskdale valley.

“John, a keen, capable, mountain walker, and the most senior Allen, took his dog for its usual morning walk on Monday morning – something he loved to do. It appears that for some unknown reason John got into difficulties whilst walking near the River Esk Estuary around Ravenglass and subsequently never returned from his walk.

“The search continues throughout the area and the family wish to express their deep gratitude to wider family, friends, the local community and numerous emergency organisations, in particular Cumbria Police and Coastguards, for their unrelenting, ongoing support at this most difficult time.”

Please continue to pray.

John AllenJohn Allen

Daniel Scholes Thanksgiving Service

The video is only going to be publicly available for a few days after the service, we’ll make the audio available but will let you know where when we’ve sorted it out.

The actual service starts at about 53:00:

The Thanksgiving service for Daniel Scholes will be held Fulwood Free Methodist Church on Monday 28th May 2012 at 4:30pm.

In Esther’s words:

On Monday 28th May we will have a small private funeral for Daniel where we will lay his small and exhausted body to rest. Then in the afternoon, we will have a huge celebration. It will be the party he never had to celebrate his recovery – instead we will celebrate his life and the amazing eight years we got to spend with him here on earth. It will be at 4:30pm at Fulwood Free Methodist Church in Preston, and everyone is invited to come and join us.

If you have any pictures of Daniel, or have a specific memory of something he did or said, we would be really grateful if you could email them to so that we can put them together to show many different aspects of his life, whether it’s poignant or funny.

Daniel’s life on this earth is over, but his story is not. We know that God has more to come.

We are hoping to live stream the thanksgiving service. If you come back to this page on Monday we will update it with the stream prior to the service.


Reuben Cross – “concrete boy”

We ask that you would pray today for Reuben Cross who is going into Manchester Children’s hospital to have his cast changed again.

If you want to follow along with Reuben’s story then the blog ‘Reuben Cross – ‘concrete boy’ is a great place to start.

Sunday was his birthday and Amanda (Reuben’s mum) wrote this:

Today is Reuben’s 2nd birthday! He has had a lovely day seeing family and friends and is enjoying playing with his new toys. He is a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine – I don’t know any boys who aren’t! And this cake was amazing! Big thank you to Auntie Anya (Eats for Treats!)

And now I am finding it difficult to know what and how to write here, I am not great with words, I’m not eloquent and can’t express things easily to say how I feel to summarise the past 2 years. 2 years ago as I sat by the incubator in hospital looking at wires and machines I thought once we were able to bring Reuben home he would be ok and everything would be ‘normal’ etc.

Since then it has been always looking to the next appointment, sometimes up to 5 in the same week, doctors, nurses, paediatricians, neurology, urology, physio, occupational therapy, portage, health visitors, midwives, hospitals clinics and appointments have ruled and dictated our diaries and our phone bills.

In a way I feel sad that we have somehow been robbed of the baby stage, we haven’t been able to do a lot of the things that babies like to do, swimming, different toddler groups etc but we know that one day it will all be worth it to see him walk straight upright and maybe even to use a knife and fork.

We could be asking why, we could be questioning why Reuben isn’t like his brother and sister but that’s where faith comes in. Before he was born God knew how he was going to be and chose us to be his parents. I never thought I would be able to cope with a child with so many different needs which change all the time but God gives us the strength and faith to entrust him to His plan. Of course we have prayed for instant complete healing at every opportunity but just because he is taking time it doesn’t mean our prayers aren’t being answered. People ask how we cope – especially when Reuben is up every hour in the night and needs care or pain relief etc, and it’s not our own strength we rely on, we simply could not do this by ourselves. We know that it is by prayer and faith in God that we can love each day whatever we are doing.


You’ve Got Your Hands Full!

On Sunday night, at our Celebration Service, Joyce Parkinson shared a little about her great grandson (nickname Scooby) and the medical difficulties he is going through.

If you want to know more and keep up with events one of the best places is Esther’s blog – You’ve Got Your Hands Full.

Esther recently wrote:

There’s been another slight change in Scooby, mainly in his hands and face. He’s had moments in the last six months of stammering and getting twitches in his cheeks but it seems to be much more frequent recently. Sometimes it’s like watching someone in a faulty video – you know, if the tape’s slightly chewed, and the screen flickers? That’s what I keep thinking as I watch him talk and his mouth or cheek seems to move the wrong way, like little spasms in the muscle. He’s completely undeterred by it, and will keep talking anyway, sometimes starting his speech again if he feels it’s not coming out right. Occasionally I’ll stop him and get him to rest if his cheek’s moving too much because it seizes up and he starts to panic.

Read more…

“When there’s pain in the offering…”

While I was off on compassionate leave in October, I sat down and wrote an article for our church magazine “Heart” on coping with Linda’s death; the emotions and things that we went through and how our faith had been foundational to being able to cope. I found it incredibly therapeutic to write it!

Well last Monday (10th Dec)  this was picked up by the Lancashire Evening Post who ran the article from Heart almost word for word, cutting out one or two paragraphs but all the same, a fantastic privilege to be able to share something of my story with a wider audience.

See First Christmas without Linda for a copy of the article.

Linda and I always said that if we had to go through this, we wanted it to be something that might bring hope and help to others and that God might use it to bring others to a place of faith in Jesus, and already I have had contact from people as a result of it being published!

Please pray for us though; as a result there is wider growing interest in our story and I need real wisdom to know the best way to allow our story to be communicated!