The video is only going to be publicly available for a few days after the service, we’ll make the audio available but will let you know where when we’ve sorted it out.

The actual service starts at about 53:00:

The Thanksgiving service for Daniel Scholes will be held Fulwood Free Methodist Church on Monday 28th May 2012 at 4:30pm.

In Esther’s words:

On Monday 28th May we will have a small private funeral for Daniel where we will lay his small and exhausted body to rest. Then in the afternoon, we will have a huge celebration. It will be the party he never had to celebrate his recovery – instead we will celebrate his life and the amazing eight years we got to spend with him here on earth. It will be at 4:30pm at Fulwood Free Methodist Church in Preston, and everyone is invited to come and join us.

If you have any pictures of Daniel, or have a specific memory of something he did or said, we would be really grateful if you could email them to so that we can put them together to show many different aspects of his life, whether it’s poignant or funny.

Daniel’s life on this earth is over, but his story is not. We know that God has more to come.

We are hoping to live stream the thanksgiving service. If you come back to this page on Monday we will update it with the stream prior to the service.