On Sunday night, at our Celebration Service, Joyce Parkinson shared a little about her great grandson (nickname Scooby) and the medical difficulties he is going through.

If you want to know more and keep up with events one of the best places is Esther’s blog – You’ve Got Your Hands Full.

Esther recently wrote:

There’s been another slight change in Scooby, mainly in his hands and face. He’s had moments in the last six months of stammering and getting twitches in his cheeks but it seems to be much more frequent recently. Sometimes it’s like watching someone in a faulty video – you know, if the tape’s slightly chewed, and the screen flickers? That’s what I keep thinking as I watch him talk and his mouth or cheek seems to move the wrong way, like little spasms in the muscle. He’s completely undeterred by it, and will keep talking anyway, sometimes starting his speech again if he feels it’s not coming out right. Occasionally I’ll stop him and get him to rest if his cheek’s moving too much because it seizes up and he starts to panic.

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