We ask that you would pray today for Reuben Cross who is going into Manchester Children’s hospital to have his cast changed again.

If you want to follow along with Reuben’s story then the blog ‘Reuben Cross – ‘concrete boy’ is a great place to start.

Sunday was his birthday and Amanda (Reuben’s mum) wrote this:

Today is Reuben’s 2nd birthday! He has had a lovely day seeing family and friends and is enjoying playing with his new toys. He is a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine – I don’t know any boys who aren’t! And this cake was amazing! Big thank you to Auntie Anya (Eats for Treats!)

And now I am finding it difficult to know what and how to write here, I am not great with words, I’m not eloquent and can’t express things easily to say how I feel to summarise the past 2 years. 2 years ago as I sat by the incubator in hospital looking at wires and machines I thought once we were able to bring Reuben home he would be ok and everything would be ‘normal’ etc.

Since then it has been always looking to the next appointment, sometimes up to 5 in the same week, doctors, nurses, paediatricians, neurology, urology, physio, occupational therapy, portage, health visitors, midwives, hospitals clinics and appointments have ruled and dictated our diaries and our phone bills.

In a way I feel sad that we have somehow been robbed of the baby stage, we haven’t been able to do a lot of the things that babies like to do, swimming, different toddler groups etc but we know that one day it will all be worth it to see him walk straight upright and maybe even to use a knife and fork.

We could be asking why, we could be questioning why Reuben isn’t like his brother and sister but that’s where faith comes in. Before he was born God knew how he was going to be and chose us to be his parents. I never thought I would be able to cope with a child with so many different needs which change all the time but God gives us the strength and faith to entrust him to His plan. Of course we have prayed for instant complete healing at every opportunity but just because he is taking time it doesn’t mean our prayers aren’t being answered. People ask how we cope – especially when Reuben is up every hour in the night and needs care or pain relief etc, and it’s not our own strength we rely on, we simply could not do this by ourselves. We know that it is by prayer and faith in God that we can love each day whatever we are doing.