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CHRISTMAS UNWRAPPED | Talks Series – Advent 2018

Morning Series – 16th December 2018 to 30th December 2018

John’s Good News about Jesus does not have a traditional Christmas story. When it comes to Jesus arriving on planet earth, John unwraps the big picture and dazzles us with his portrait of Jesus as he shouts from the roof tops who Jesus is and what it meant that God became a man.

Evening Series – 2nd December 2018 to 23rd December 2018

God became a man? What does this mean?

How could it happen? And how does it affect us today?

Putting and Keeping God’s Word at the Heart of Things | Nehemiah 8 | Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner continues our series The Nehemiah Diaries which is looking at the life of a man called Nehemiah.

In this talk Andrew is looking at Nehemiah 8 in which the people of Jerusalem come together and listen to God’s Word being read by Ezra.

I was transformed – The call of Paul | Acts 9:1-19, 1 Timothy 1:12-17 | Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner continues our series entitled God Calling which asks the question – How does God break into our lives, so we obey His call?

In this talk Andrew is looking at the calling of Paul, who was also called Saul, recorded in Acts 9:1-19 and expanded upon on 1 Timothy 1:12-17.

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