Christians are commissioned to make a difference where they are now, not where they would like to be. The good news according to ‘us’ is what most people will read. We are always on the frontline and the front page.  We live out our identity as God’s children in ordinary life as well as in the special events, the good times and the bad. How we live is front page news to someone seeking God.

Our morning series looks at front line living, facing some of today’s big issues with the sure-footed serenity and character outlined in Galatians 5, which comes from the Holy Spirit. We look at some of the works of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live attractive lives even in a complex and messy world which are compelling statements of the changes that Christ can make in us.


Being a Christian is much more than simply being able to recite a Creed.

God brings together a whole kaleidoscope of different people across the world to be “His Church”. We see in the Bible the core beliefs that unite us, and discover how we can share them with a world looking for meaning and truth.

Our Evening Series focusses on:

What we Believe – Why we believe it

So that we can share our beliefs in a way that is gentle and respectful, yet thought provoking and effective.

“Worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it, but do this in a gentle and respectful way…..”  

1 Peter 3   v 15