CHRISTMAS UNWRAPPED | Talks Series – Advent 2018

CHRISTMAS UNWRAPPED | Talks Series – Advent 2018

Morning Series – 16th December 2018 to 30th December 2018

John’s Good News about Jesus does not have a traditional Christmas story. When it comes to Jesus arriving on planet earth, John unwraps the big picture and dazzles us with his portrait of Jesus as he shouts from the roof tops who Jesus is and what it meant that God became a man.

Evening Series – 2nd December 2018 to 23rd December 2018

God became a man? What does this mean?

How could it happen? And how does it affect us today?

MOSES | All Age August | Talks Series – August 2018

MOSES | All Age August | Talks Series – August 2018

Mornings: 5th August 2018 to 26th August 2018 @ 10:00am ONLY

Join us as we journey through the life of Moses, whose life was remarkable.

These will be All Age Gatherings suitable for the whole family.

Our mornings will feature some our talented Fulwood actors who will be appearing in an exciting, funny and thought provoking  retelling of the story of Moses… Not to be missed!

Evenings continue at 6:30pm

Go Deeper | Larger than Life | Talks Series May-June 2018

Go Deeper | Larger than Life | Talks Series May-June 2018

Go Deeper – 1 John

Sunday Mornings – 27th May to 24th June 2018

“Stay with what you heard from the beginning, the original message. Let it sink into your life. If what you heard from the beginning lives deeply in you, you will live deeply in both Son and Father.” 1 John 2 v 24-25

Deep-sea diving is the act of descending into deep water and remaining there for an extended period. It is used, for example, in fishing for exotic sponges, coral, and pearls that could not be caught by other means; in examining and repairing the underwater parts of ships that cannot be reached in other ways; and in recovering valuables from sunken ships that would otherwise be undiscovered. With this in mind, we have selected five topics under the overriding theme of “Go Deeper”. So much in today’s society appears superficial and “shallow”. “Deep” implies something has substance, is profound and enduring. There are truths that God reveals when we “go deep” into his Word; 1 John encourages and exhorts us to go deeper in Christ to catch and discover amazing truths we would otherwise miss.

Larger than Life – Elijah and Elisha

Sunday Evenings – 27th May to 24th June 2018

The Old Testament books of 1 and 2 Kings introduce us to two extraordinary Men of God; Elijah and Elisha. They were voices for God in a divided nation led by largely ungodly Rulers and their stories challenge us about the way we live in our own divided and post-Christian society.

Songs for All Seasons | When the Devil Knocks | Prayer through Lent | What I really, really want to know is… | Talks Series – Winter/Spring 2018

Songs for All Seasons | When the Devil Knocks | Prayer through Lent | What I really, really want to know is… | Talks Series – Winter/Spring 2018


Mornings – 14th January to 4th February 2018

As one singer song writer once put it, “Sad songs say so much!”

We somehow find a way to sing, or at least have a song for all seasons of our lives. Happy or sad, in love or struggling with life, somehow, we sing!

Psalms is the song book of the Bible. 150 songs expressing an incredible range of thoughts, feelings, hopes, beliefs and experiences. We will share a short series from some favourite Psalms to help us sing when we are winning and, yes when we feel like we are losing it!


Evenings – 14th January to 4th February 2018

In this 4 week series we look at who the Devil is, and how he attempts to attack our lives in various ways. We will find that as people of faith in Jesus we can have the strength and confidence to resist him.

1 Peter 5 v 9 “Be alert! Your enemy the Devil prowls around…resist him, standing firm in the faith”.


Mornings and Evenings – 11th March to 25th March 2018

Many Christians will readily admit that prayer is one of the most difficult things we attempt. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Sounds very spiritual, but they then fell asleep praying at one of the most important times in Jesus’ life. At least they asked Jesus to teach and they did learn to prioritise prayer!

We believe that prayer is the privilege of communion with God. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we honour our founder members who prayed for this church before it was ever built.

So how do we inherit their legacy? How do we pray?

What I really, really want to know is…

Mornings – 8th April to 22nd April 2018

The questions most non-church folk ask are simple and direct – but so profound that many find them difficult to answer. They reflect the age in which we live, where everyone’s opinion of truth is valid, as long as it doesn’t give offence.

This is an occasional series to answer some of these questions. It is designed both for enquirers and to help those who’ve been asked those questions, but didn’t know how to respond.

Finding Freedom | Titus | Welcome Stranger | Talks Series – Winter 2017

Finding Freedom | Titus | Welcome Stranger | Talks Series – Winter 2017

Finding Freedom

Mornings – 8th October 2017 to 3rd December 2017

A stunt kite is only be free to loop the loop because of the tension in its strings. The very thing that ties the kite down is the very thing that sets it free.

Freedom is a huge issue. We protest when it is taken from us. We protect our right to be free. Many people are prepared to march and fight for freedom.

But what does it mean to be a Free Methodist? And is our identity of being a ‘people of freedom’ worth fighting for?

Titus – “Living to Do Good”

Evenings – 1st October 2017 to 15th October 2017

Titus is, along with 1 & 2 Timothy, a ‘Pastoral Epistle’. It was written by the Apostle Paul, sometime after his release from imprisonment in Rome (Acts 28), to Titus, one of Paul’s converts and companions – “…my true son in our common faith” (1:4). In this letter see Paul as a fatherly pastor handing down wisdom to the young man who is responsible for organising and leading the church on the Greek island of Crete. Although obviously addressing the issues of the day, and in a different context to our own, Paul’s wisdom echoes through the ages to all Christians. Paul writes in response to the errors of the church in Crete, not to condemn them, but to so that “…they will be sound in the faith” (1:13).

Welcome Stranger

Evenings – 29th October to 26th November

The Bible’s ‘Big Names’ of faith are often spoken about, but we are also commended to consider the impact of people we may never have heard of. People like ourselves, who made a difference, but are overlooked.  This series aims to remedy that, as we look at some ‘ordinary giants’ who God was able to use in remarkable ways.   We will be challenged and encouraged to see we have nothing to prove but the presence of Jesus in our lives, and our willingness to go where he calls.

WORDS OF THE CROSS | Easter 2017 Talks Series

WORDS OF THE CROSS | Easter 2017 Talks Series

Mornings & Evenings 19th March – Easter 2017

How do we begin to understand the cross of Christ?

What did it mean to Jesus? How did the early Christians understand it and speak about it?

Why did they use some big words to explain it?

In this Lent series we will look at some of the important words and picture use from the Old and New Testaments to understand the cross of Jesus and all it means in history, in our lives and in eternity.