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We long to be a loving, growing, community filled with God's life changing presence


Our vision prayer is:

We long to be a loving, growing, community filled with God’s life changing presence.

God’s heart is to change us through the Good News about Jesus so we can know and live in His presence through His Spirit. This will bring us into friendships with one another and others as we gather to become His church which meets on Lightfoot Lane.

A key bible word for Church is “Gathering.” We love the heart of this as it expresses who we believe God has called us to be, both as a community which gathers to worship on Sundays, or as a community which meets in Home groups and Youth Cell groups during the week.

Our Sunday emphasis is to meet God through worship and His word. We try to balance Spirit led worship with both traditional and contemporary songs, bible reading and prayer. Our speaking team brings challenging Bible based, book by book and topical teaching in each meeting.

We encourage our people to be in Home groups or Youth Cell meetings. Growing through Bible Study, prayer, friendship and care is a key part of the heritage we have from our roots in Wesleyan Methodism.

A key aspect of our ethos is that we are a church for 0 to 90+! You will find something for everyone in the life of our church. It is even reflected in our worship teams which have people aged 65 to 16 in them!

Over its history Fulwood has been a community which has seen a lot of life change, but God has so much more for us.

The door is open. You are welcome.

Talks Series

Find out about current and former talks series from our Sunday Gatherings:
Growing as Disciples | Discipleship Courses | Autumn 2020

Growing as Disciples | Discipleship Courses | Autumn 2020

In this new season, we are running a range of courses designed to help us all grow as disciples. Together we have learnt how to run courses and small groups effectively online and while different from physically meeting together it does have benefits such as joining...

Heart Magazine

Stories from Fulwood Free Methodist Church
Heart Magazine – Summer 2017 | Bucketloads of Goodness

Heart Magazine – Summer 2017 | Bucketloads of Goodness

1000 Words is Never Enough When I interview someone for Heart magazine, I’m aware that 1000 words can never do justice to the emotion and the truth they want to express. It takes courage to share your story in black and white, so I doublecheck every detail. It must be...

A Drop in the Ocean is No Small Thing | Heart Magazine – Winter 2016

A Drop in the Ocean is No Small Thing | Heart Magazine – Winter 2016

See You Soon So many times I drove past thinking, “What goes on in there?” . . . ‘I’d be walking the dog, wondering if I’d be allowed to go inside.’ . . . ‘I stood outside, took a deep breath and the doors opened for me!’ Just a few of the comments people have made...

Heart Magazine – Summer 2016 – Your Story is Valuable

Heart Magazine – Summer 2016 – Your Story is Valuable

Some people tell me, ‘Oh, you wouldn't want me in Heart magazine. There’s nothing interesting about me.’ We get so used to reading sensationalist stories that we belittle our own valuable life experiences. I don’t agree that “Everyone has a book in them,” but I do...

Global Partnership

Since its foundation the Fulwood Free Methodist Church has had a clear focus beyond the immediate neighbourhood.

We believe that we have three key responsibilities:


The church has a policy to give away 15% of its normal income from general gifts and any Gift Aid reclaimed from the revenue. Over the last few years this has been around £30,000 per year.

Over the year we have special gift days for projects. Three projects are selected and a collection is taken during the morning and evening gatherings.


Career missionaries

The church encourages both long term and short term service. Currently Sheila Etherington serves in Rwanda with Free Methodist World Missions and Janet Chapman works with OMF.

Short term service

In recent years short term service of up to a year has been undertaken in Bolivia with YWAM; Tanzania with Oasis Trust; Russia with Love Russia; Argentina and Peru with Latin Link; Namibia with AIM.

There have also been gap years with various youth organisations in the UK. Short term service overseas has ranged from helping with building work, serving in hospitals, teaching and working with street kids. In the UK it has involved work with youth groups and schools.


The church also operates what it calls VISA (Volunteers in Service Abroad). These are short term trips of two or three weeks which often visit work that the church supports financially.

In recent years these visits have included Mumbai in India, Kibogora in Rwanda and Pan da Vida in Ecuador.


Missions are featured regularly in prayer spots on Sundays and the weekly prayer meetings concentrate on missions once every two months.

Individuals are encouraged to take the information letters from the organisations which we support and to pray for them on a regular basis.

Global Partnership News

Pan de Vida | Global Partnership News

Pan de Vida | Global Partnership News

Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) is a charity which exists to serve the poor of Quito in Ecuador. In a 'normal' week the Pan de Vida house sees over 400 men, women and children who come for physical and spiritual nourishment. On 16th April 2016 a severe earthquake...

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Cedar House | Global Partnership News

Cedar House | Global Partnership News

2016 is proving to be a very busy year for Cedar House. If current trends continue, we will have seen more new clients than ever this year. Cedar House offers counselling to approximately 120 different clients, each one offered up to 18 sessions. Counselling gives...

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The Building

Fulwood Free Methodist Church opened in early 1978 as a plant from the already existing Crown Lane Church in the village of Catforth. The church building is situated on the edge of Fulwood which was then a relatively new community. The initial building had capacity for 160.

In its initial ten year period, Fulwood grew to over 300 people and planted a daughter church in Penwortham on the southwest side of Preston. In 1988 a new worship centre with a capacity of up to 400 was opened. Our current logo is based on a picture taken at that time. It depicts a team of workmen lining up the cross on the roof of our unfinished building. As a church we want together to lift the cross of Christ high, but recognise that we are a building that is not yet finished. The work goes on.

In 2008 the church again completed a building programme which added to and modernised its facility so it became the open, light welcome building you may experience and hopefully enjoy today.


Car Parking

There is a significant amount of car parking available at Fulwood Free Methodist Church. Car parking is accessed off Lightfoot Lane at one end of the building and stretch around the rear of the building and to the other side.

There are two entrances to the buildings both of which are directly accessible from the car park.

Disabled parking is provided at the parking spaces nearest to each of the entrances.


There are two entrances to the facilities.

The front entrance which is nearest to Lightfoot Lane is best accessed by proceeding to the end of the car park farthest away from the entrance.

The rear entrance is the first entrance that is visible on entering the car park.

Both entrances have power assisted doors and are wheelchair accessible.

For some events you will be requested to use one door as there may be multiple events talking place at the same time.

Welcome Desk and Cafe

Both the front and rear entrances are directly connected to a foyer area at the front of the building, nearest Lightfoot Lane.

In the front foyer area you will find the Welcome Desk and the Cafe.

This area provides access to Cedar, Oak and the Prayer Chapel.

Toilets are also accessed from this foyer.

Cedar Chairs


Cedar is the largest meeting room and the place where we gather on a Sunday.



Oak is accessed via the front foyer through the Cafe.

This room is the original footprint of the buildings and the place where the church got started.


Cypress is accessed from the rear entrance off the car park and via the front foyer.

Prayer Requests

Can we pray for you?