Paul Young is the author of the massively popular book The Shack.

In this interview Paul talks about his own journey of faith.

At one point he says this:

I sat in front of him on the first day and I said “Scott, my life is over” and for the first time, I’m 38 years old, and for the first time in my life I say to another human being, “can you help me”.

To that point in my life that was the greatest single risk I had ever taken, because if the answer is no, why would I take the risk of doing this again?

One of the question you asked me earlier was “Can we get past this, can we get through brokenness, can we actually be healed of our addictions?” and I’m here to tell you “absolutely yes, but it’s not easy, it’s hard work, and you can’t do it by yourself; you have to take the risk of trusting someone…

At the end of 2004, 11 years of dismantling my soul, 11 years of saying “I have no idea who God is”, 11 years at the end of 2005 I turned 50, but in those 11 years I worked to the place where I could finally wipe the face of my father completely off the face of God. Because my view of God largely came through this difficult relationship with my dad and we are all impacted by our histories and our backgrounds, by the end of 2004 I was one of the healthiest people that I know, I had no secrets…

It’s a powerful story of healing and wholeness.