It’s Friday: “All Hail King Jesus” by Jeremy Riddle

It’s Friday: “All Hail King Jesus” by Jeremy Riddle

Jeremy Riddle and the team from Bethel have released an acoustic version of the song “All Hail King Jesus” with wonderfully appropriate lyrics for Good Friday:

Verse 1

There was a moment when the lights went out
When death had claimed its victory
The King of Love had given up His life
The darkest day in history

There on a cross they made for sinners
For every curse His blood atoned
One final breath and it was finished
But not the end we could have known

Pre-Chorus 1

For the earth began to shake
And the veil was torn
What sacrifice was made
As the heavens roared


All hail King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

Verse 2

There was a moment when the sky lit up
A flash of light breaking through
When all was lost He crossed eternity
The King of life was on the move

Pre-Chorus 2

For in a dark, cold tomb
Where our Lord was laid
One miraculous breath
And we’re forever changed


Let every knee, come bow before the King of Kings
Let every tongue, confess that He is Lord
Lift up your shout, let us join with all of Heaven
Singing Holy, Singing Holy
Cry out Holy, Cry out Holy

It’s Friday: “The Squalor and The Saviour” by Josh Gauton

It’s Friday: “The Squalor and The Saviour” by Josh Gauton

We continue our Advent journey with a new song from Josh Gauton who is based in Birmingham where he is the Worship Central Creative Director as well as undertaking his solo projects.

In the still and calm
Through the hallowed night
Underneath a winter sky
Came the promised King
Not in palace courts
But a filthy stable floor

Holy night when worlds collided
Love eternal chose a form
Flesh and blood with heaven united
In a humble manger born
Oh the wonder of that moment
Human birth met the divine
The squalor and the saviour
The baby that was God

There’s an acoustic version of this song that Josh recorded in his garden in the recent snow which is also posted below. Josh has also written about the story behind the song:

This Christmas I’ve been particularly struck by thinking about the very wild fact that at this time of year we are remembering the historical event when the creator of the universe, all powerful and incomprehensibly vast, was literally birthed by an impoverished teenage girl in rural modern-day-Palestine. Just take a little second to let that sink in – this is not just an ordinary heart-warming ‘festive’ story! More…