Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning for our regular 10:00am gathering.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed whether that was in front of a camera or behind the scenes.

This week’s service will continue to be available here if you didn’t make it at 10:00am, or want to revisit it:


You can now give to Fulwood Free Methodist Church directly from our web site. If you click Donate on the top menu you will be taken through a giving process which will enable you to select from several funds as well as our General Gift fund.

Online giving includes some fees so if you want to give regularly then a standing order may be a more appropriate way of giving. If you want more details about regular giving then please contact us on


Do you want to connect with the Fulwood Free Methodist Church family? You can now do that by clicking on Connect on the top menu of the web site, fill in the details and someone will be in contact with you.

Going through this process will add you to our ChurchSuite system which is what we use to manage communications with people.

Do we have the right information about you?

One of the things we’ve been doing in lockdown is to get some of those administrative tasks done.

It’s important to us that we have the right information about you and communicate in the most appropriate ways.

As such, on the 20th May 2020 we sent out an email to everyone in our mailing list to ask them you check and validate the information we had about them with the subject “[Fulwood Free Methodist Church] Information Consent Request…”.

This email included a link where you could see the details, amend them if required and then send in your confirmation. Thank you everyone who has done that, which is many of you. If you haven’t clicked on the link and been through the form can we encourage you to do it soon. Most email communications are now only going to the people who have consented to receive “General email” through the process above.

If you didn’t get the email please let us know at and we’ll send you one.

Prayer Updates

Throughout the lockdown period we have been sending out regular “Prayer Updates” encouraging us to pray for various situations and people. We’d like to say a big thank you to Lawrence Davie who has been putting these together through this time and continues to do so.

If you don’t receive these updates and would like to, please let Lawrence know on

Also, if you would like us to pray for something then please let us know.

Book Review

Please find below a couple of book reviews from the Christian Resources Centre in Preston. You can still order from them via email on which is now the only way to get in touch with the Christian Resource Centre, the shop is closed as per the Government guidelines. Some of their suppliers have closed so they are limited to what they can source but they have a few of each of these in stock. 


Do you realize that the God of the universe speaks your love language, and your expressions of love for Him are shaped by your love language? Learn how you can give and receive God’s love through the five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Gary Chapman writes, “As we respond to the love of God and begin to identify the variety of languages He uses to speak to us, we soon learn to speak those languages ourselves. Whatever love language you prefer, may you find ever deeper satisfaction in using that language in your relationship with God and with other people.” The book includes a brand new chapter on “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” which will teach you the joys of speaking a love language you’re not used to with God. No matter what love language you prefer, you will become more deeply connected with God and watch this bond transform all of your relationships.

God Speaks Your Love Language


This new global edition of the international bestseller is the story of the 24-7 Prayer movement and the miracles that resulted from it. It is a highly motivating book for students, prayer warriors, and anyone eager to draw closer to the God of miracles.

Red Moon Rising


Motions of Mercy is the highly anticipated new album from Worship Central’s Luke+Anna Hellebronth. They have been married for over 10 years. A key part of the team at Worship Central, alongside the auspices of celebrated songwriter Tim Hughes, Luke and Anna’s expression of music is rooted in their faith and community. Both Luke + Anna are passionate about inspiring worship leaders and musicians around the world and are sought after teachers of the theology and practices of worship. ‘The concept of the album is that we’re all on a journey, experiencing many different things but always in the motion of mercy. Through the music and lyrics, we want to connect humanity to the eternal. We hope that many of the songs will be used by local churches to help people connect with God and the community in significant ways but also that people hear these songs and feel in touch with God. As Beethoven said, ‘Music should strike fire from the heart of men and bring tears from the eyes of women’.

Motions of Mercy