Sunday Gathering

Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning for our Sunday Gathering. Neil Hudson’s message spoke to many.

We heard, this morning, about the gift day for Pan de Vida in Quito, Ecuador on the 28th June – watch this video again here. You can give online at or by contacting our treasurer on

If you want to catch-up or watch again the link is below:

Thursday Online Coffee and Chat

This Thursday we are starting something new.

From 10:30am to 11:30am members of the staff members will be online with a coffee and ready to chat. We’ll be using Zoom for this and everyone is welcome to come along. The Zoom codes are in the Prayer Updates.

The Christian Resource Centre Reopening

The Christian Resource Centre, Fox Street, Preston is reopening to customers on 15th June 2020.

When you come to see us you will find a few changes, some signs and a guidance note as you enter the shop, nothing more than you will find in most of the other shops. They are all in place to keep you and the staff safe, please observe these as you visit us, they are all in line with Government guidelines for shops.

The shopping experience will be a little different for all of us so please bear with us as we try to meet your needs and serve you under these new guidelines.

If you wish to reserve an item and just want to call and collect please either email us on or give us a call on 01772 – 259279, we are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

I am sure we are all eager to safely get back to some kind of normality, we are here to help and serve you. Please ask if you require something that you cannot see, we may be able to obtain an item for you as our supply chain has been disrupted during the Covid lockdown.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Nigel & Kath Cope and the CRC Team.

Book Review

UNLOCKING THE BIBLE – David Pawson – £12.99

A unique overview of both the Old and New Testaments, from a widely respected evangelical speaker and writer. Unlocking the Bible opens up the word of God in a fresh and powerful way. Avoiding the small detail of verse by verse studies, it sets out the epic story of God and his people in Israel. The culture, historical background and people are introduced and the teaching applied to the modern world. Eight volumes have been brought into one compact and easy to use guide to cover both the Old and the New testaments in one massive omnibus edition. Old Testament: • The Maker’s Instructions The five books of law • A Land and A Kingdom Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings • Poems of Worship and Wisdom Psalms, Song of Solomon, proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job • Decline and Fall of an Empire Isaiah, Jeremiah and other prophets • The Struggle to Survive Chronicles and prophets of exile New Testament: • The Hinge of History Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and acts • The Thirteenth Apostle Paul and his letters • Through Suffering to Glory Revelation, Hebrews, and the letters of James, Peter and Jude

Unlocking The Bible Omnibus Ed


Respected apologist Ravi Zacharias was once sharing his faith with a Hindu when the man asked: ‘If the Christian faith is truly supernatural, why is it not more evident in the lives of so many Christians I know?’ The question hit hard, and this book is an answer. Its purpose is to equip Christians everywhere to simultaneously defend the faith and be transformed by it into people of compassion.

Beyond Opinion


Bryan & Katie Torwalt are Jesus Culture artists and held in high esteem for their worship leading, song writing and recording. They have released 3 albums already: Two years in the writing, the album ‘Champion’ is the story of the Torwalts’ victory through Jesus and what it means to them today. Not only did He pay for us all on the cross, but He is still fighting our battles today. Filled with songs to encourage and strengthen the local church, ‘Champion’ speaks to the nearness of God in every situation and the ultimate victory that comes through Him. Experience the broad spectrum of emotional expressions of their personal journey with God conveyed on this album. From the up-tempo ‘Enter The Gates’ and ‘World Of Grace’, to the intimate ballads of ‘Never Let You Go’ and ‘Come And Move’, this album will draw you into God’s presence.”