Hello church family,

Thank you for joining us online again today, it was great to see so many connect.

We mentioned a few things during the gathering that we wanted to highlight to you.

Easter Scene Challenge

In this morning’s gathering Janet had a challenge for you:

Get out your lego or duplo, small toys or craft bits and pieces.

Make a scene of this or any part of the Easter story.

Take a photo.

Ask your parents to email it to church (or post it on Facebook or Instagram, tagging us in)

We can’t wait to see your creations this week.

These are the ones that she showed:

Janet’s Palm Sunday

We’d also like to highlight another resource that you may find helpful for your family during this time: https://godventure.co.uk/news/faith-at-home-in-a-time-of-covoravirus/ which links to several great resources for the whole family.

Impact at Home

Dan and Nathan, in their many outfits, told us about Impact at Home and some of the things they are going to be doing:

We are also rebranding Friday night’s as ‘Impact at Home’. We are going to be doing three main posts a week on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as sharing encouraging bible verses throughout. We hope that all those that come to Impact and Space can be involved.

So, first of all on a Monday we are doing Vlog Monday’s. This will be an insight into our everyday to show you that we are just normal people like the rest of you and that you aren’t alone in this uncertain period of your lives!

On a Wednesday we will be doing Challenge Wednesday’s – challenging you to live passionately. We will post a video of one of the leaders doing a challenge and we hope to see you give them a go too. Not only this, but we will be challenging you to do something practical and impactful – maybe make your parents a brew (brownie points for all the parents listening) or writing your local MP a letter.

Thirdly, we will be doing Message Fridays – pointing you to something more powerful! We are going to be looking at Lockdown Lies – the lies that we might start to believe whilst in lockdown. This might include things like feeling like there is no hope, feeling bored 24/7 or being uncertain about your future.

Finally, we are going to be doing The Annex every two weeks on a Zoom call. This is our event where young people aged Year 11 and upwards can come and ask any questions they have about faith. Look out for an email to your parents to set up the call!

Make sure that you follow us on Instagram (@impact_ffmc) and on Facebook to keep up-to-date with everything. Parents that don’t like their children being on social media, maybe for age-related reasons, perhaps you could set up a family account that you can monitor so your young people don’t miss out.

Book Review

Please find below a CD review and a couple of book reviews from the Christian Resources Centre in Preston. You can still order from them via email on cbcpreston@aol.com which is now the only way to get in touch with the Christian Resource Centre, the shop is closed as per the Government guidelines. Some of their suppliers have closed so they are limited to what they can source but they have a few of each of these in stock. 

Martin Smith – Iron Lung CD – £12.99

The title track ‘Iron Lung’ is a biographically themed song. Martin was born with bronchial pneumonia. His parents took him to hospital (because he wasn’t making a noise) where he was placed in an iron lung. His Dad prayed, if God brought their son through this, they would give him over to God.

‘My Father made a deal with God and left me stranded in the arms of love’

‘I felt your breath in my lungs and I started to sing for you’

Iron Lung

Simply Church – Sim Dendy – £9.99

From his experience of both attending and leading churches, Sim Dendy asks some key questions about how we ‘do’ church, just in case there’s something we could be doing differently.

Sim looks at the church as being somewhere we can encounter God, gather together with other believers, grow in our faith and knowledge of God’s Word, and therefore influence the world around us. While church systems are really important, nothing should eclipse the church’s purpose in being God’s great hope for the world.

Be encouraged as you discover just how simple church can be: how we can get connected, grow stronger, manage our resources and really make a difference.

Simply Church

These 3 Things – Mick Brooks – £6.99

Deepen your dependence on God to meet your deepest longings.

How do you sum up, in one book, content that covers our deep spiritual needs, personal motivations, and revival? Homesickness and belonging? Our disconnection, isolation and reconnection with God and others in our increasingly ‘contactless’ society? Let’s start by going back to the original plan: who God is, and who we are; where it all went wrong, and how we find our way back; what it is we’re looking for, and how and where to find it; all while daring to ask the questions:

  • Who am I? 
  • Do I matter? 
  • What’s the point? 
These Three Things