Global Partnerships Sunday

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Global Partnerships Sunday this week. If you didn’t manage to join us the video is still available here.

During the gathering Dave Brown said this:

Before we go, Sophia and Lucas threw out a challenge to make a Short Stop Motion movie – you can download apps to enable you to do this – the one they used cost £2.99. So, children and young people – how about making a stop motion movie with Lego, or plasticine or some other props? A movie about a Christian who inspires you or your favourite Bible story. There will be a prize for the best one in 2 age categories; those at Primary School and those at High School!

For Primary Age only: you may have noticed the items on the piano behind me changing during the service – how many times did they change and what were they!? Send in your answers to and we’ll drawn out 3 names for a prize. The prizes are wooden elephants or rhinos which were given to us by our friends at Emmanuel House in Sierra Leone.

Next Sunday

We are planning on putting together a video montage of all the things you have been getting up to while on lock down. It would be great if you could send us a photo with a short note.

Show us what you have been making, playing, doing, challenges etc. We are looking for all the different ways you have found to do normal things! We would also love to see how you have been watching our live services together.

Please email to

Book Review from the Christian Resources Centre

Please find below a couple of book reviews from the Christian Resources Centre in Preston. You can still order from them via email on which is now the only way to get in touch with the Christian Resource Centre, the shop is closed as per the Government guidelines. Some of their suppliers have closed so they are limited to what they can source but they have a few of each of these in stock. 

Do The Next Thing – Elisabeth Elliot – £5.99

Although she is best known for her time on the mission field in Ecuador, Elisabeth Elliot went on to become a vibrant role model for valiant, godly women all over the world. Follow her journey from the jungles of the Amazon, where she faced the tragic death of her first husband, to the lecture halls and radio shows of the culture wars, where she stood as a strong defender of God’s Word.

Elisabeth Elliot


In 1956, five young American men were martyred by Auca Indians in the jungles of Eucador as they attempted to reach them with the gospel. The widow of one of those men, here records the remarkable story of their courage and devotion to Christ.,204,203,200_.jpg

Other Resources

40 days 40 more bites

In 40 tasty, easily digestible bites you can travel round God’s amazing world and pray!

This second book in the 40 days 40 bites series covers twenty different countries including Egypt, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. It also covers a variety of issues such as hunger, child trafficking and  creation care.  One family Janet knows reads this guide and prays together every weekend.  Why not make it part of your family together time during lockdown and touch the world through your prayers. Only £4  – contact church to buy a copy.