During the spring of 2016 in both our morning and evening gatherings we will be looking at the Holy Spirit.

In the morning we will be considering who the Holy Spirit is and why He matters. We speak of God as our Father and Jesus as our Saviour, but to many Christians the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Trinity – is still a bit of a mystery! He always will be! However Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would indwell and transform us, and the New Testament shows the Spirit in action in amazing ways.    In this six-message series we take a journey through the Bible to find out who He is, what He does and, most importantly, how he can revolutionise our daily lives.

In our evening gatherings we will be looking at the New Testament passages about the gifts God gives His church. Hospitality, healing, tongues and teachers – all gifts God gives and more! We pray you will be challenged to discover what God has given your and set free to serve Him in surprising, unexpected ways.