It-s-Friday.jpgMany of us have enjoyed the writing of J. I. Packer, most famous of which is probably Knowing God which he wrote back in 1973.

In this video he gives testimony to his personal experiences of weakness and contrasts that with a society that spends all its time applauding strength.

J. I. Packer reflects on this further in a new book – Weakness is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength:

For Christians, weakness should be a way of life. Yet most of us try desperately to be sufficient on our own, and we resent our limitations and our needs.

Renowned Bible scholar and theologian J. I. Packer reflects here on his experience of weakness—having been hit by a bread truck at a young age and now facing the realities of aging—in order to teach us the importance of embracing our own frailty, and also to help us look to Christ for strength, affirmation, and contentment. Find here a path from discouragement to freedom in light of our all-sufficient God.