Catching Up

If you’re a regular podcast listener you will have noticed that things have been a bit slow recently with only one podcast being posted in the last few weeks.

Over the next few days we are planning a bit of a catch-up. So if you start seeing podcasts coming through from weeks ago please don’t be alarmed.

100,000 Podcast Downloads

Beautiful Bassenthwaite MorningToday we passed one hundred thousand (100,000) downloads of our podcasts.

Number 100,000 download was by someone in Manchester, UK.

Number 100,001 download was by someone in Moscow, Russia.

Our podcasts get around quite a bit.

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved.”

Mark 16-15

Podcast Episode 600 (and 601)

This weeks podcast from Sunday morning is the six hundredth that we’ve made available. It seems kind of appropriate that we pass this milestone with a talk about the need for good teaching.

As Sunday morning was number 600 that means that on Sunday evening we moved beyond that landmark and started the journey towards 700.

(We’re approaching another milestone having had over 95,000 downloads and plays of podcasts)

The return of 2009 (in podcasts)

A little while ago we had to archive a lot of our older podcasts because of some storage challenges.

Fountains AbbeyToday 2009 returned to the podcasts.

If you can’t remember back that far here’s an idea of what we covered in 2009:

What does the Holy Spirit still have to teach us from these messages?

As always these messages are available for listening and also for download. If you don’t know how to download then there’s some instructions here. If you are someone who uses iTunes then you might also like to know that you can subscribe to the podcasts in the iTunes store.

Podcasts and reminders of messages

We’ve recently had some problems with the podcasts which has meant that some of them have been unavailable.

The View from SailBringing them back has meant going through each one and reconfiguring it. While doing this I’ve seen each podcast title over the last 12 months.

Each of these titles has reminded me of a message that we’ve received – sometimes it has been an encouragement at others some wisdom, sometimes the message has been for us as individuals at others the message has been for us as a community.

It was good to think about some of the series that we’ve listened to – Life’s Healing Choices, Strengthening Church, Stretching Our Faith to name a few.

My memory was particularly pricked by a couple of the messages from the beginning of this year that set our vision for 2011. They were based on the words of Mark 5:36 – “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”:

These messages, and the other podcasts, weren’t just for a point in time, they still speak to us today. It’s one of the reason why I think it’s important to keep the podcast archive available to people, which we will do.

As it is there are about 140 messages to listen to, plenty of food for our souls.

Podcast 400 – Faith to Care

This weeks podcast titled Stretching Our Faith to Care – Matthew 5: Andrew Gardner is our four hundredth online.

400 messages over more than 4 years now.

It seems appropriate that we passed this milestone with a message that is pointing us outwards to the people and the world around us.

There were some earlier podcasts that are no longer online, but we had limited space back in those days so we have to make room.

The quality of the early podcasts is a bit off too because we used to record onto a tape and then transfer into a computer for uploading. It took a long time didn’t give us the best of outcomes. Now we use a little MP3 recorder which stores the talks onto a memory card, we still have to do a bit of manipulation of the files so that they are consistent, but it’s a lot quicker than it used to be.