“Have you lost confidence? Has life eroded your assurance? If so, let’s address the root causes and apply the solution: a fresh realisation that you are a child of a God who is 100% committed to you, giving you power, love and self discipline.”

Do runs to be confident, we have to know what we are being confident in. We spend so much of our life trying to be confident in our own abilities, in the abilities of other, in our savings, in so many thing, but the reality is that we can only be confident to a certain point.

When we realise that God is wholeheartedly committed to us and that from that platform we can have confidence, it makes all the difference.

Shifting the focus of our confidence isn’t always an easy thing for us to do, it’s a bit like a muscle it needs to be worked to grow strong. Also, you can’t expect a muscle that hasn’t been used for a long time to be able to lift a huge weight. If you’ve had your confidence broken you to start small and build up, but start with God.

There’s still time to get involved in catching the wave, it’s not too late to get started. If you want a book there’s still some available from Fulwood Free Methodist Church. There’s also an option to get the daily prayer thoughts delivered to your email via our friends at trypraying via this link. Enter your name and email address and you’ll be subscribed to the list once you’ve verified who you are by clicking on a link in the email they send you.

These 40 days of prayer are part of our Focus on 40 as we look forward to celebrating our 40th Anniversary as a community this next weekend. We don’t want to just be looking back on the 40 years that have already been, we want to be looking forward to the next generation and all that God has planned.