I’ve just finished walking to the top of a hill, this involved a number of stages.

The first stage was to get to the right place at the bottom of the hill.

There were also a couple of intermediate tops before I reached the ultimate peak.

I then needed to get back to the start of the walk to pick up the car.

Climbing this hill was, for me, part of a greater goal which involves climbing lots of hills.

We are just finishing off our 40 day journey, and that’s an achievement we should celebrate. For some of you it’s been your first “hill” and to you I’d like to say a special “well done”. For other’s this has been another “hill” as part of your greater journey., even so “well done”

We’d love to hear your stories of what God has done as you’ve travelled this journey. This may have included amazing answers to your prayers. You may not have received an answer to all of your prayers, we’d like to encourage you to keep perceiving in your prayers. Perhaps you’d like to pray with someone about these prayers, the prayer team is always willing to pray with you on a Sunday.

As we conclude this part of our journey it’s worth reminding ourselves that prayer is not about results, it’s about relationship, Jesus is always walking with us as we climb our “hills”.