Starting a journey can be exciting, but it’s continuing the journey that gets us to our destination. Today we take our second step on our catching the wave journey and take a step closer to our destination.

Where do you catch the wave? Do you have a special place where you always go? You may even have a specific time when you stop? It may depend upon the day of the week, your weekly routine or whether you work shifts? I have a specific seat at home that I like to sit in, but sometimes my routine, or for another reason, I find myself somewhere else. Today it was in the car park at work, in my car. It doesn’t matter to God where we are, what matters is that we stop and we take time, God can meet us anywhere.

Our thoughts today focus on returning to God our Father, moving closer to Him. I was particularly struck by this though coming out of Jesus’ parable that we know as The Prodigal Son in Luke 15:

“So we are invited to make a move, to return. If we fail in this then we live uncomfortably with distance – and like the prodigal – we’re deprived of the good that God would do. Drawing close to God is what we do as Christians.”

There’s an invitation out there for each of us; like all invitations we need to accept it, we need to RSVP which is what these 40 days are all about.

Let’s continue to ask God for our “three friends”, our “big issue” and for “a new wave of revival”.

There’s still time to get involved in catching the wave, it’s not to late to get started. If you want a book there’s still some available from Fulwood Free Methodist Church. There’s also an option to get the daily prayer thoughts delivered to your email via our friends at trypraying via this link. Enter your name and email address and you’ll be subscribed to the list once you’ve verified who you are by clicking on a link in the email they send you.

These 40 days of prayer are part of our Focus on 40 as we look forward to celebrating our 40th Anniversary as a community nearer the end of February 2018. We don’t want to just be looking back on the 40 years that have already been, we want to be looking forward to the next generation and all that God has planned.