I recently saw the re-entry capsule that astronaut Tim Peake returned to earth in. And I also experienced it as a virtual reality journey. All the wonders of space and then the fearful wonder of returning home to planet earth. Journeys can be like this.

I love the idea of space being a place. Not outer space. Inner space. When we ‘come near to God’ we are deliberately making space a place. Our space in our time to be in a place where we have time, make time for God. And again and again, it is making and taking time which defines our friendship with Him.

Place in prayer is a privilege. I love the idea of Hebrews 10:19-22 where the writer sees us coming into God’s presence with holy boldness. We don’t come cringing, but he does see us coming somehow through the cross as he combines the picture of the temple veil being torn in two with the broken, torn body of Jesus. We come through these right into the VERY presence of God.

The Hebrews writer says it’s a new and living way. If I could add anything, I would simply say that this is an awesome privilege, a grace, a space; in His presence. If I miss it, I miss out. If I don’t make the space, I won’t find the place – of His very presence.

Andrew Gardner