Loss is painful.

Look around you and you’ll see it. Perhaps you don’t need to look around, perhaps you are dealing with it now. Perhaps your loss is the “big issue” that you are praying for.

A natural response to loss is to ask “why?” There are many examples in the Bible where people bring their “why?” to God. The psalmists asked “why?” Job asked “why?” The disciples asked Jesus “why?” Mary and Martha asked Jesus “why?”

Prayer isn’t primarily about questions and answers; it is really about building a relationship. We don’t build relationship by keeping secrets, we build relationship by being open and vulnerable. The same applies to our relationship with God.

God isn’t afraid of our “why?” and we shouldn’t be afraid of speaking it out to Him.

There’s still time to get involved in catching the wave, it’s not too late to get started. If you want a book there’s still some available from Fulwood Free Methodist Church. There’s also an option to get the daily prayer thoughts delivered to your email via our friends at trypraying via this link. Enter your name and email address and you’ll be subscribed to the list once you’ve verified who you are by clicking on a link in the email they send you.

These 40 days of prayer are part of our Focus on 40 as we look forward to celebrating our 40th Anniversary as a community this next weekend. We don’t want to just be looking back on the 40 years that have already been, we want to be looking forward to the next generation and all that God has planned.