Each week there are a few hundred downloads of podcasts from fulwoodfmc.net.

The podcasts go all the way back to 2008 – the year of the global Financial Crisis.

There are a number of ways of accessing the podcasts which sometimes makes it a bit tricky to explain to people how to do it, but here are some tips.

Go to the web page

The simplest way to listen to one podcast is to go to the web page – http://fulwoodfmc.net/podcasts/ – look down the list of available podcasts and listen by clicking on the play button.

If you click on the categories area you can select podcasts from different series and different speakers. There’s even a tag cloud for the main Bible chapters used in each talk.

But you don’t want to do that…

Listening on the web page may be simple and accessible, but there are better ways of listening. The challenge with the web site is that you have to remember to go to it and you have to have good internet access. The other thing is that our podcast upload cherubs don’t always do the podcasts on the same day so you may have to go back a few times to see whether they’ve been made available.

A better way of listening is using an App and there are a number available depending on what equipment you have:

For the iProduct fans – and those using iTunes

If you have an iPhone, iPad or modern iPod, or if you use iTunes in any way you can get the podcasts delivered to your device every time they get posted.

All you have to do is go to the podcast app on your iProduct or iTunes on our Mac or PC and subscribe.

The podcast app comes pre-installed on your iProduct and it has an icon that looks like this:


If you start the app, click on search and type in fulwood free methodist church it’ll show you a screen that currently looks like this:


If you click on the FFMC picture below where it says podcast it’ll then how you a screen that currently looks like this (with this week’s podcasts):


Clicking on subscribe to get the podcasts downloaded every week when they are published, that way you won’t need to keep checking the web site to see whether the podcast cherubs have done there task of publishing this weeks talks.

For iTunes, the process is similar – search fulwood free methodist in the iTunes store and you’ll get this result:


Click on the FFMC icon at the bottom and you’ll then get a page that looks like this:


From here you can click subscribe and again you’ll have all of your podcasts delivered to you when they are uploaded.

For the Android fans

It’s a bit more difficult to give instructions for Android devices because different manufacturers put different things on their phones and tablets.

If you already use a podcast app then you already know how to add a podcast subscription. I’m going to describe what to do using a completely new app.

The first thing to do is to go to the Google Play Store, whilst there search for podcasts – this will show you a very long list of apps that provide podcast capabilities. A number of these will cost you a few pounds, but the free ons are good enough for most people. An example of a free one is Podcast Republic another on is Player:FM. Click to install and then you’ll be ready.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to find the podcasts, so you should be able to search in the app for fulwood free methodist, find the podcast and subscribe, but as there are so many different apps it’s hard to be absolutely certain that this will work. If you can’t find the podcast by searching in the app please let us know.