When I recently prepared a display for Big Prayer Tuesday showing FFMC’s most recent involvement in mission I was amazed at the places people had visited and the work in which they had been involved. On a full time basis there is Sheila Etherington in Rwanda, Janet Chapman with Overseas Missionary Fellowship, and Savannah Da Silva Watkins with Operation Mobilisation.

People have been visiting Rwanda regularly, working with staff and students at the hospital as well as Kibogora Polytechnic, where they teach, preach, lecture and share their various areas of expertise. In 2014 a VISA team from our church visited Kibogora, an experience which left team members changed and challenged.

Individuals have visited Austria, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, where they were involved in children’s work, youth training programmes, healthcare, sports outreach and reaching out to the Roma Gypsy people and their growing church.

In 2016 a VISA team will go to Quito, Ecuador to serve with Pan de Vida, a Christian group working with people with economic, educational and spiritual needs.

But who are these amazing people? Quite simply, they people just like you: adults, teens, OAPs, single, married – ready to use whatever talents they have to serve others and share in the church’s mission to preach the gospel.

So what about you? Is God calling you to step out to try something new and challenging during 2016? The Global Partnership team are here to help. Between us we have experience of long and short-term mission. We’d love to provide you with advice and encouragement.

If you are already planning an overseas venture, please let us know so we can support you, and ensure that the church is informed and praying for you.

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