Street Pastors walk the streets of Preston to listen to, care for and help people in whatever need we find them by putting Christian faith into action and showing the love of God in all circumstances. They aim to create a safer community by encouraging people to take up alternative lifestyles and channel their energies to positive ends for the good of themselves and the community.

Here are some comments from people we meet:

“When the Street Pastors come out every Saturday or Friday, it’s fantastic. They stop for a natter and if we’re feeling peckish there’s something there – something warm. Sometimes we don’t have money to afford food. Even if we do we can’t cook it, so it’s nice when they come and give us something warm.” Lee – The Bee Radio January 2015



“Nice to know that there are people out there who will give you a sandwich each weekend or a cup of coffee or even just encouraging words – it’s nice to know that there are people out there that do care.” Bobby – The Bee Radio January 2015



“Thank you for allowing me to shadow your team. Thank you for sending me out with three truly wonderful people. Thank them for allowing to feel a part of their team. I have nothing but respect for the work ALL of you carry out.” Leigh Sweetman – Manager of Evoque Nightclub, Preston January 2015

What we do:

  • St Matthew’s every Friday night from 8.00pm to midnight
  • Preston City Centre every Saturday night from 10.30pm to 3.30am
  • Preston City Centre once a month, Friday night:10.00pm to 3.00am
  • 65 volunteers
  • 22 churches

In 2014: An encounter with 3786 people

  • A hot drink or snack for 1624 people
  • Warm clothes/hat/gloves/scarves or sleeping bag for 86 people sleeping rough
  • 265 glass bottles put in the bin
  • 239 pairs of flip-flops given out
  • 17 Bibles given to people enquiring

Prayer Pastor Triplets: if you would like to join a prayer triplet and meet once a month to pray for one of our teams please contact Dave Brown on or call him on 07794 008767.

Dave Brown

Street Pastors