One of the missions that we support is Pan de Vida Ministries in Equador.

The team there recently wrote this update article about the Ontaneda family who they support:

Back in December we wrote about The Ontaneda Family. This is a family of 10 that Pan de Vida has been spiritually investing in since 2008, when they first attended Pan de Vida. The Ontaneda’s were living in a 20 sq meter (215 sq foot) room with all 10 family members ranging from 6 months of age to 21 years of age. In addition to the challenges of raising a family that large, they have two children with special needs, Mikaela, their 9 year old, who has a significant intelligence disability and Martin, their 5 year old, who has behavioral issues and aggressive behavior…Read more

The VISA Team that visited Pan de Vida in 2013 were involved in the Hit Squads that are mentioned in this article.