We’ve made a number of changes to fulwoodfmc.net over recent weeks. This is the first of a number of posts where we’d like to introduce you to some of the changes and suggest how you might like to take advantage of those changes.

One of the changes that we’ve made is that many of the updates to the web site are done in the form of posts. All of the podcasts are posts, all blogs are posts (All of the previous blogs and podcasts are still available.)

People use many different methods of communicating these days. Every time we create, and publish, a post on fulwoodfmc.net a link to it is sent in multiple directions – email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS.

If you like the Fulwood Free Methodist Church page on Facebook – you’ve already seen the post links (including this one).

If you follow @FulwoodFMC on Twitter – again, you’ve already seen the tweets with links in them.

Google+ circles are another way of following what is happening on the Fulwood Free Methodist Church page.

Posts via EmailAnother way of staying connected is via email. Add your email address into the Contact and Connect form titled “Posts via Email”. You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm it’s really you, click on the link in the email to confirm. Once confirmed we’ll send you an email every time we publish a post.

If you prefer RSS then we have a couple of feeds available via the Contact and Connect page – one for all posts and one just for podcasts (podcasts will be the topic of a future post).

You’ll notice some other options on the Contact and Connect page, we’ll cover those in a future post.