We’re about to start a whole new set of series at Fulwood.

In the morning we are continuing to look at our vision for 2011 and the areas where we would love to see God stretch our faith. In the evening we are looking at the advice the Paul gives to the church in Corinth through his letter to them – 1 Corinthians.

That got me thinking about the various series we have progressed our way through over the years. The following graphics cover most of the series since 2006.

How many of these do you remember?

Life's Healing Choices

Sometimes they are based on a topic. Sometimes they are based on a book in the Bible or some Bible characters.

Life Stories

I know that the team who pray and plan these series have a desire to be relevant to real life and to be truthful to the Bible – the whole Bible.

What would Jesus say...

We’ve not always picked the easy bits and we don’t shy away from the tricky bits.


Sometimes the focus is on the Old Testament, sometimes it’s the New Testament.

Ordinary Heroes

The podcasts on Major Messages from Minor Prophets, which looked at those little books at the back of the Old Testament continue to get visitors because they aren’t regularly covered.

Life in the Crossfire

Series help us to focus on the breadth of a subject rather than just dipping in or skimming over the tope of everything.

A Rock and a Heart Place Teaching Series


The podcasts for each series are grouped into categories so you could go back and listen to everything from a whole series if you chose to. Check down the right-hand side for Series and you’ll see them all listed there.

Unlocking Your Potential Teaching Series

The topical series have covered issues from Work Life Balance to The Second Coming, from miracles to failure.


“What would Jesus say…” is unique in being the subject of two series – but what better subject could there be for a revisit. The words of Jesus should always be at the centre of who we are and what we do.


In the Fresh Hope series we came together with other churches in Hope 08.


The leaflets for the series are mostly still available on the web site if you’d like to revisit the subjects.


There have been some series that have been particularly significant for me personally. They’ve influenced who I am and my relationship with God.


I’m really looking forward to the new series.

Live a Great Life, Walk a Great Walk