This Sunday’s evening service was our 400th podcast.

Orrest HeadIt’s only fitting that Andrew Gardner should be speaking number 400 as he’s contributed over 140 of the 400 which is over a third of all of the talks.

In that time we’ve had over 52 different preachers; some just the once; some contributing on a regular basis.

For most people 30 minutes of talking requires at least 3 hours of preparation. That means that the 200 hours of speaking have been as a result of over 1200 hours of preparing – or 50 days 24 hours a day none stop. That’s a lot of preparation for which we would like to say – thank you.

We started the podcasts back in 2006 and we now see over 10 GBytes of data downloaded from the site every month, or for those of you who like things in more tangible terms that’s enough to fill over 14 CD’s.

(If you are wondering why you can’t find 400 podcasts on the site – it’s because in the early days we would delete older podcasts, but we’d keep the statistics. It’s the statistics that are telling us we have got to 400)