I recently talked about finishing reading through the Bible in a year. I mused on that post about what I would do this year, in 2012.

LeavesThe answer is that I’m going to do it again, but not in the same way.

Like many people I suspect the amount of reading required to complete the whole of the Bible in a year meant that on many days I felt like I was racing through with the only aim being to finish. More specifically, I was dashing through the New Testament reading as I felt the pressure of the day.

While I was pondering what to do about this year I was just about to conclude on only reading through the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, and then to read through the Old Testament next year.

Then my son was given as a Christmas present the whole of the Bible on MP3 DVD. That got me thinking.

So this is what I’ve decided to do.

I’m going to read the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs and I’m going to listen to the Old Testament.

I’ve tried it for a few days now and it seems to work great.

Have you decided on what you are going to read in 2012?