After a short delay we’ve published the sermon series information for January and February 2012. Printed leaflets should be available this Sunday, the online leaflet is available here.

Spring 2012 Sermon Series

Live at Peace with one another

The word peace appears over 360 times in scripture – once for every day. God is also described as the ‘God of Peace’. The Hebrew word most often translated ‘Peace’ is ‘Shalom’ which means ‘wellbeing’ and ‘completeness’. Scripture tells believers to live at peace with those around us, bringing the wellbeing, peace and reconciliation God has brought to our own hearts. This can be easier said than done. We consider some tough challenges faced by Joseph, which uncannily mirror present day issues.

Podcasts for this series are available here.


Seen as one of the most difficult New Testament books, Hebrews doesn’t clearly identify its author or audience. Written as a response to the needs of a struggling people, sermon like in style, it gives warnings, challenges, examples and reminders of the faithfulness of God and calls the reader to endure in following the Son even when faced with persecution. It also deals with the question which constantly faces us: How can we approach God?

Podcasts for this series are available here.