It was back in January when I first started reflecting upon a journey I had started, a journey to read the whole of the Bible in a year. At that point I had barely started having completed a small 3.3% of the distance.

The Singing Ringing TreeI set out a number of things that I intended to do and as we pass the 90% mark I’d just like to reflect on how that has gone:

Personally I’m using a new One Year Bible that was very kindly given to me as a Christmas gift. There’s something very tactile about a new book.

My new Bible has become a wonderful part of my daily reading time. I’ve loved knowing that I’ve worked through every page as I’ve progressed.

“I’m trying to set aside the same time every day so that it becomes something of a ritual”

Although I work in an office, I don’t work 9-to-5 but I have, for the most part, managed to carve out a regular consistent time. Much like many others, I attend meetings in different places and at different times, but there are also holidays and other times when I’m not getting up at my normal time it’s not always been possible to hold to a regular time. I’ve tried to hold these differences in the programme lightly and to be as consistent as I can.

So I’m also tracking my reading through which has exactly the same reading plan online.

As well as using a physical Bible I’ve also been using an online reading plan. Seeing the progress online has been a great help but also writing these blog posts has meant that I’ve felt like I’ve had an accountability framework around me. When we are trying to build new habits or to strengthen existing ones it’s important that we have a framework that supports the change that we want to make. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt through Celebrate Recovery.

While I’m here, you may think that Celebrate Recovery is there for people with big problems and issues to resolve, it is, but that’s not all it’s there for. The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to deepen our relationship with Jesus. As I’ve read through the Bible this year, time and time again, I’ve seen how God has been there for people through life’s journey.

As we pass this 90% mark let’s be thankful for the journey we’ve come on, but also let’s start looking forward to the wonderful journey that Jesus has for us ahead.