This past week we passed a couple of milestones in reading through the Bible in a year. We are now 90 days in and 25% through.

On Celebrate Recovery we try to help people celebrate their successes by counting off the time that people have managed to abstain from something. If alcohol is an issue we count the number of days of sobriety, if it’s anger then we count the number of days of calm.

Sometimes the devil tells us that we aren’t making any progress, sometimes it’s our internal voice telling us the same thing. By counting we get a much better perspective on the progress that we are making.

If you have managed to get this far celebrate – 90 days is great progress.

If you are slipping behind a bit then another Celebrate Recovery principle might be of help to you – it’s not the number of times that you fall down that counts it’s the number of times you get back up again. Or to put it another way – failure isn’t falling down, failure is staying down. Don’t worry if it feels like to big a task to catch up, just start from today, with today’s reading and go forward from there. Try to build the practice of reading from this point forward.

Remember though, we don’t read the Bible so we can get points, we read to build a relationship, it’s the relationship that’s the important part.