Today is 10% day in our journey through the Bible in 2011 – congratulations!

About now you may be asking yourself the question – how do I keep this real? It’s all too easy to get into a habit of scan reading through the daily verse. While this might get you through the reading it doesn’t mean that you are getting any value from it.

One way I’ve been trying to keep it real has been to write out a verse from each day’s reading and to use that as the basis of a short time of meditation. The Bible that I’m using has a highlighted verse so I could just pick that, but I’ve been starting my reading with a short prayer asking God to reveal to me something that He would want me to think about that day. On most days I’ve felt drawn to a verse that is different to the highlighted one and I’ve been amazed by how many times that verse has been applicable to the challenges I’ve faced that day.

While I believe that there is some value in the reading process itself, the real value is in making the “living word” part of our daily life.

Do you have a way of “keeping it real”?