This year we’ve all been encouraged to read more of the Bible, and for many of us that has meant a challenge to read through the whole Bible in a year.

Personally I’m using a new One Year Bible that was very kindly given to me as a Christmas gift. There’s something very tactile about a new book.

I’m trying to set aside the same time every day to read so that it becomes something of ritual. Sometimes rituals are a good thing. I’m fortunate enough to have somewhere private where I work which enables me to sit down and start my day with a time of quiet and reading.

Sometimes, though, I don’t carry my new One Year Bible with me. This is normally when I cycle and I’m trying to keep the weight on the bike down. So I’m also tracking my reading through which has exactly the same reading plan online.

The great thing about this way of working is that it doesn’t matter whether I have my Bible (book) with me or not, I can still access the readings for the day either via my laptop, or via my BlackBerry.

By signing up and ticking off each day’s reading I get to see a great little progress report which today shows this: