Many of us have been watching the terrible events in Haiti and wondering what we can do about it.

Sometimes these things are just too awful for us to really feel like we’re connected with these people thousands of miles away. As a church, though, this disaster has been different, we’ve been watching people we know who are actually there.

Within the Free Methodist Church structure we come under the guidance of a Bishop David Roller. Just before the earthquake David had been preaching and Haiti, but left before the tragedy struck. There are many connection to the Free Methodist Church in Haiti.

David decided to go back and here’s his video:


David wrote this:

I preached last Sunday morning to a capacity crowd (2,000 people?) at the Parc Chretien church in Port-au-Prince on our resurrection bodies. I told how there will be continuity between our resurrected body and our earthly body but that there will also be a radical transformation. I eagerly shared from I Corinthians 15 Paul’s explanation that just as a seed is transformed into a plant, so our bodies will be transformed into a NEW kind of body, in the resurrection. And now I’m glad I did. For some it will have been their last sermon.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and for those seeking to bring relief.

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