Last weekend we were involved in the national Back to Church Sunday campaign and it was great to have some people join us who we haven’t seen in a while.

Tuscany 2009A special thank you to everyone who invited a friend or a family member to come along. It’s not always an easy thing to invite someone to come back to something they’ve left.

And a special thank you to everyone who made the decision to come. It’s not always easy to return to something you’ve left.

The theme for Back to Church Sunday was “Come as you are”.  Jesus had a wonderful way of including everyone; rich, poor, old, young, high society, low society. The people of Jesus are instructed to do exactly the same.

There is always a way back with Jesus and I hope that we will always reflect that in the way that we treat people. If your reading this and wondering whether you could return to church, I’d like to encourage you to give it a go, there’s a welcome waiting for you.