I’m really enjoying writing these Weekend Reflections posts. I hope you are too, but to be honest it’s doing me so much good that I think I would carry on anyway.

6295_140895969688_514154688_3046119_2605624_nA big thank you to those of you who have responded either through comments or in person; I know others have been blessed by the encouragement so please do keep it up.

This weekend was our Junior Church Prize Giving Sunday. One of the areas where we have been very blessed is in Junior Church, they are a great bunch of leaders and hugely creative in what they do. The annual Prize Giving has become an event where we celebrate that creativity. In recent years we have been treated to a wonderful production taking the whole of the morning service, this year it was the story of Esther. The creative part was to parallel the story of Esther with Star Wars, yes really.

If your idea of a Junior Church play is something that is a bit naff you are on completely the wrong page. The team do a remarkable job from writing all the way through to performing. To quote someone else:

I think the play was by far the best drama I have ever seen done in a Church service. So much fun and humour and yet without comprising the biblical content.

There are some pictures over on Facebook, if you have the right access, I’m sure there will be more later.

It’s a real highlight. Well done team and thank you for all of your hard work it was well worth the effort,

In the evening Andrew looked at some of his life “axioms”. I must admit that I didn’t know what an axiom was so here’s a little definition for you:

Axiom – noun

1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

2. a universally accepted principle or rule.

3. Logic, Mathematics. a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it.

Andrew talked about three of his life’s axioms:

Church making is heart breaking; church mending is never ending

The how needs to be as holy as the what and the where

Walk towards people you struggle with

They are profound thoughts and come as words from Andrew’s heart. They are also challenging words. Many people see church as a nice little club where people smile at each other but it’s certainly not that. It’s a wonderful, glorious, frustrating, lovely, amazing, weird, lovely, tearful, refining, holy community of people. If it’s just a club then we are missing the purpose of why Jesus came.

It’s an interesting thought, what are the “self-evident truths” that govern our lives. I’m sure that some of the axioms that I live by need to be challenged because they aren’t really truths at all, but there are another set that are truths and symbolise my life. One of them for me is actually my family’s official motto “as well as I am able”. It would be interesting to make a list and see what the results were. I’ve been trying for the last couple of years to write another axiom into my heart and that is “there is a blessing to be found in everything” and that’s mainly what I write about on my other blog; sometimes you have to live a saying to make it into axiom. I suppose that take me onto another on of my axioms – “the longest distance in the world is from the Head to the Heart”.