God speaks!

For some people I’m sure that a statement like that sounds like complete lunacy, but it’s the truth.

This weekend we have seen another example of God using ordinary people to speak to other ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

We are in the middle of a series titled What would Jesus say… it’s really a non-series where we have asked people to bring a message that they believe God has given them for us.

That doesn’t mean that we are going to get completely different messages in each service because our experience tells us that God has a remarkable way of creating a common theme. This weekend was another example of that; both Mark Sleet and Chris Drury brought messages that encouraged us and challenged us to move into a journey of faith.

Mark Sleet spoke to us about the experience that Peter had when he went walking on the water with Jesus. Chris Drury spoke to us about the example of Abraham.

Both of them were talking about moving out of a place of comfort into a place of adventure – an adventure of faith.

Some of my thoughts from both of them:

  • Am I comfortable with living with a fear?
  • Where am I in a comfort zone? Am I willing to risk it?
  • It isn’t enough to just speak faith. If Peter had just said “tell me to come to you on the water” and not gone when told to “come” he would have been a failure.
  • If it’s already within your ability to do it – it’s not faith.
  • Abraham didn’t know where God was taking him when he set of – and neither did Peter.
  • Peter’s faith was revealed instantaneously – Abraham’s was revealed over decades.
  • If Jesus says come – there is nothing to fear, we can step out in faith.
  • God is big enough.
  • Jesus was there when Peter reached out his hand.
  • Faith is an adventure.
  • The correct response for both Peter and Abraham was worship.

What thoughts struck you?