Sometimes I think that everything I know – everyone else also knows, I’m then surprised when I find out that they don’t. I’ve had a few conversations recently with people who aren’t aware of the Bible Study resources that are available for free on-line.

Preston SunsetI use a number of different bible study resources most days and here are a couple of them:

Bible Gateway is the please I prefer to go to for Bible translations, but also for some of the reference material. I find the commentaries particularly useful. Once upon a time the number of versions of the Bible available online was quite limited – not any more. BibleGateway has 22 different English version and some of them are also available in audio format so you can sit back and listen.

They also have a mobile site for smaller screens, but I tend to use YouVersion for that.

YouVersion is another Bible site. The interface is a bit more modern that BibleGateway, they have 18 different English versions currently. There are some really nice tricks in the interface, I particularly like the ability to show two different texts, with two different versions side by side using the Parallel feature. They have audio versions too.

Their aim is to provide you with all of the facilities you need for Bible study with places to journal, the capability to make notes and provide contributions to a particular passage.

They’ve recently introduced a Reading Plan capability. I’m currently working through a reading plan for the Gospels and really enjoying it. The reading plans allow you to set the duration for your reading and to mark off each sections as you’ve completed it. While it shouldn’t be about marking-off parts of the Bible as read it’s great to be able to track your progress.

I’m a real fan of the mobile applications from YouVersion. My mobile device is a BlackBerry, but they also do an iPhone, Android, Java and plain browser version. Most of the features are available in the mobile version, the benefit is that you can take it with you.

The reading plans are synchronised between the on-line version and the mobile version which I make use of most days because I prefer to use my BlackBerry for my Bible reading.

What on-line tools do you find useful?