Weekend Reflections: Challenged to be a Father

Last Sunday was Father’s day, a day focussed on those of us who are Fathers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Father to two teenage children, who are fabulous, but there are still times when I find it a challenge to be a Father. Like many people, I suspect, I have the body of a 41 year old, yet in my mind I am still 21, so the responsibility of being a Father isn’t always one that I relish.

Andrew’s challenge to us as Fathers was this: “Seeing is Believing!”

What do our children see?

  • Do they see you read the Bible?
  • Do they see you pray?
  • Do they see you worship God?
  • Do they receive God’s love through you?
  • Do they see you giving?
  • Do they see you serving God and others?

It’s a challenging list.

One of Andrew’s big calls was for Fathers to give their children a hug. After the service my son came up and gave me a big hug, someone commented that it was good to see me putting the sermon into practice, actually I’m very privileged that this is something quite normal in our family.

His conclusion was this: Practise + Consistency = Believability and Credibility.

If you aren’t sure about what it means to have a Father, or your view of Father isn’t what you would like it to be then you should listen to Viv’s sermon on Psalm 139.

Viv isn’t one of these people who is talking out of a life that has been full of roses, she’s got quite a story and this message came right from the heart of who God has made her.

Some of my notes:

  • Who am I and how much have I accepted what the world is telling me about who I am?
  • There is no “one size fits all spirituality”
  • This world is full of vast corporations who know everything about me – but don’t know me.
  • You were created and individual – unique. Step outside the target market.
  • You are not there to repeat the words that others have given you to say on the stage of life.
  • We all need to be taken seriously and God knows thought and is there as your guide.
  • He wants to help by listening – “Come let us reason together”
  • We all have a persona. We all build an idea of what is acceptable and build ourselves around it.
  • We have to have the courage to become the person God made us to be.
  • You can’t con God.
  • God love me the same today and tomorrow.
  • It should be a thrill to know that you are cherish and wonderfully made.
    There are certain messages that we need to hear over and over again because they need to seep through the thick exterior that we build to stop ourselves being hurt. But that thick exterior also stops us from feeling and knowing who we are truly meant to be; a knowledge that is born out of understanding who God truly is.
    Viv’s message was an eternal one – God loves you as a Father; a loving gracious Father.
    Andrew’s message was that we need to model that Godly loving gracious Father to our children day by day. Was there ever a higher calling?