Weekend Reflections: Life’s Healing Choices

This weekend we started a new series on Sunday mornings:

Life's Healing Choices

We make choices all the time; whether that’s the seemingly simple choice of what clothes to wear, or more significant choices that affect our futures.

This series looks at a set of choices that we can make that will lead us to healing and wholeness:

  • Choice 1: Admitting Need – The Reality Choice
  • Choice 2: Getting Help – The Hope Choice
  • Choice 3: Letting Go – The Commitment Choice
  • Choice 4: Coming Clean – The Housecleaning Choice
  • Choice 5: Making Changes – The Transformation Choice
  • Choice 6: Repairing Relationships – The Relationship Choice
  • Choice 7: Maintaining Momentum – The Growth Choice
  • Choice 8: Recycling Pain – The Sharing Choice

Andrew Gardner kicked off the series looking at what it takes for us to admit our need. We can spend much of our life denying our needs, it’s only when we hit a crisis point or we are confronted by our needs that we are forced to recognise that they exist. We like to tell ourselves that we are doing alright, but God, our loving Father, wants more than that for us, He wants to take us beyond “alright” into His abundance. He has more than enough for us. Those of us who have been Christians for a while can be the worst at this because we feel the need for everything to appear to be fine.

One of the things that you won’t pick up from the podcast is the visual nature of Andrew’s opening illustration. If you listen in you’ll find him talking about moving things from a briefcase to a rucksack to help his back. While he is talking about moving physical things, the things that he showed as he moved were some of the needs that he recognises in his own life. It’s a great illustration of what God wants to do for us, He doesn’t want to strip us of our identity, but He does want to change those things that have defined us. We’ll talk some more about that in the coming weeks.

This series is based on a book of the same name – Life’s Healing Choices – by John Baker. A number of people are also working through the book as we work through the sermon series. While each one of these messages has value in it’s own right the set of choices also work together to lead us along a journey of discovery, so please take the time and effort to listen to all eight. The podcasts for these series are here.

We’d also love to hear from you and how God is impacting you – you can leave a comment against this blog, but if you’d like a more personal conversation then please contact us at the church office.

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