Weekend Reflections: Joy and Debt

This week we started out on a whole new series in or morning services looking at the Psalms. We’ve called it Life Stories because it links a Psalm with a particular moment in the life of those that wrote it.

Life-Stories-Podcastknow real joy from Psalm 18.

I love reading the Psalms, I love the wonderful mix of emotions. They aren’t a set of sickly nice platitudes, they deal with real situations, real struggles, wonderful exaltation, glorious highs and desperate lows.

Personally, it was great to be reminded that joy doesn’t depend upon the situation, it depends upon the person in who you trust.

We’re not having a set series in the evenings this term, we’re just going where the Spirit leads us. Our normal motto for evening services is Worship and Word, it’s a time of worship in which the word of God is allowed the time to speak to us.

Evenings2010Facing Life’s Giants series looking at the issue of debt.

I’ve just been listening to the radio where an economist was talking about the debt that each household in the UK is carrying around. The numbers are eye-watering.

There are many reasons that people are in debt, some of them self-inflicted, but many are as the result of circumstance or the greed of others.

God doesn’t want us to live in debt – and it’s good to know that He has an answer and the means to redeem our situation. That doesn’t mean that redemption is going to  be easy, sometimes God does change things in the blink of an eye, at other times He wants us to walk a journey with Him.

If you are struggling with debt then there are things that we can do and people who can help you. Don’t struggle alone, reach out to the church office and someone will walk the journey with you.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and stories so please do leave a comment letting us know what God is doing in your life.