Fire, Fear and Friendship | Leviticus 9:24–10:2 | Nick Kenworthy

Fire, Fear and Friendship | Leviticus 9:24–10:2 | Nick Kenworthy

Nick Kenworthy continues our INVITATION TO GOD series which asks the question: “So what is God REALLY like…”.

In this talk Nick is looking at Leviticus 9:24-10:2.

Nick used an illustration from The Bible Project to give an overview of Leviticus:

The Lamb of God – The Heart of God’s Kingdom: Ian Higginbotham

Ian Higginbotham looks at 10 scriptures from 3 different perspectives that show the Lamb of God to be at the heart of God’s kingdom.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the first few minutes of this message are missing which is the introduction. The recording starts with the first scripture of the first perspective.

The scriptures and their perspective are listed below to give a complete message.


  • The necessity of the Lamb (Genesis 4)
  • The provision of the Lamb (Genesis 22)
  • The sacrifice of the Passover Lamb (Exodus 12)
  • The character of the Lamb (Leviticus)
  • The Person of the Lamb (Isaiah 53)
  • The identity of the Lamb (John 1)
  • The Christhood of the Lamb (Acts 8 )
  • The Resurrection of the Lamb (1 Peter)
  • The enthronement of the Lamb (Rev 5)
  • The eternal kingship of the Lamb (Rev 21-22)


  • The Lamb is our Propitiation (Genesis 4)
  • The Lamb is our Substitution (Genesis 22)
  • The Lamb is our Protection (Exodus 12)
  • The Lamb brings our absolution (Leviticus)
  • The Lamb is our expiation (Isaiah 53)
  • The Lamb removes our sin (John 1)
  • The Lamb brings personal salvation (Acts 8 )
  • The Lamb brings redemption (1 Peter)
  • The Lamb will be the centre of Government (Rev 5)
  • The Lamb will be the focus of eternal glory (Rev 21-22)


  • Abel’s Lamb was for sin (Genesis 4)
  • Abraham’s Lamb for one person (Genesis 22)
  • The Passover Lamb for the family (Exodus 12)
  • The Lamb for the Jewish Nation (Leviticus)
  • The Lamb for many nations (Isaiah 53)
  • The Lamb for the whole world (John 1)
  • The Lamb for the individual (Acts 8 )
  • The Lamb for all history (1 Peter)
  • The Lamb for the whole Universe (Rev 5)
  • The Lamb for all time (Rev 21-22)
Cleansing at the Cross – Leviticus 16:6-19: Jason Buckler

Cleansing at the Cross – Leviticus 16:6-19: Jason Buckler

Jason Buckler continues our Focus on the Cross series.

In this message Jason is looking at Leviticus 16:6-9.

The story of atonement. How Christ took our place so we could be set free from sin and guilt and its consequences.

Cleansing at the Cross – Leviticus 16:6-19: Jason Buckler

Put the blame on Jesus! – Leviticus 16: Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner begins our Focus on the Cross series. The bible explains how our holy God makes His people holy though the story of the scapegoat and how it applies to Jesus on the cross. The story of the scapegoat is found in Leviticus 16.