1000 Words is Never Enough

When I interview someone for Heart magazine, I’m aware that 1000 words can never do justice to the emotion and the truth they want to express. It takes courage to share your story in black and white, so I doublecheck every detail. It must be right! Despite tough experiences – from earthquakes and war to debt or eating disorders – I’ve met people who are extraordinarily resilient, who react with thankfulness, goodness, forgiveness, and faith. All the stories, courses, photos and adverts in Heart are offered by Christians from Fulwood Free Methodist Church. We warmly welcome you to join us, or use the details on the back cover to contact us for more information.

Making Good Choices

‘Tragedy!’ or ‘Good News!’ Which of these headlines attracts you the most? Many of us are intrigued by death, horror and fear. We can be fascinated by the gory details in other people’s stories. Bob and Helena (p2-3) were brutally attacked, but they’d prefer it if, when you’ve read their article, you remember the goodness they experienced in the aftermath. ‘Goodness’ is what inspired the cover picture of ‘Heart’ – a bucket overflowing with good fruit. Goodness helps us cope with tragedy. Good stories lift our minds and spirits. But where do we find goodness and how do we keep hold of it? We start by making good choices: Truth or lie? Care or ignore? Encourage or criticise? Kind or cruel? Patient or furious? Give or steal? 1 Thessalonians 5 v 21: ‘Test everything; hold fast to what is good.’

Enjoy Heart!

Katharine (Editor)