Some people tell me, ‘Oh, you wouldn’t want me in Heart magazine. There’s nothing interesting about me.’ We get so used to reading sensationalist stories that we belittle our own valuable life experiences. I don’t agree that “Everyone has a book in them,” but I do believe everyone has a story to tell. Thank you Dave, p1; Liz, p5; and Helen, p8 for sharing your very personal and inspiring stories with us.

Some of our many teams

Heart highlights some of our many teams. Read about football, netball and even footgolf on p4 as Danny and Anna talk about SportsReach and how you or someone you know might like to join in the fitness fun. Pages 6–7 are about a very different kind of team – a new song-writing group called ‘Fulwood Free Music.’ The members work hard to produce some powerful modern songs that we use in church. Page 10 focuses on the Inclusion Team, led by James and Sarah. Please do read this short introduction to their work as they’d value your feedback, ideas and opinions.

We are here for you

We never put commercial advertisements into Heart. All our ads refer to activities run by Fulwood Free Methodist Church (FFMC) for the benefit of the whole community, from babies to teens to senior citizens. Whoever you are, we are here for you. Find fun at the Fun Day p12, friendship at the 18-30s group, and faith at The Venue p10.


And finally – we recently began TWO identical morning services to make space for newcomers. Children can sit with you or go to ‘Energize’ (ages 2 – 11). Teens have their own service. For deaf users of BSL/SSE, the services are signed by friendly volunteers. If you wish to be prayed for or visited by one of our pastoral team, please don’t hesitate to ask. For information phone or email the church office, or call into reception on weekdays. Enjoy your summer!

Katharine Editor (Twitter: @katharine59)