We have two new Talks Series for the Summer of 2014:


The Gospels are full of accounts of Jesus having life-changing meetings with different kinds of people. You may be one of those, or know someone who is. We look at six such meetings – what did Jesus say and what happened? What would Jesus say to us today?

Podcasts for this series can be found here.


In October we took a look at the first 7 chapters of this amazing letter. We are reminded that when this letter originally arrived in Rome, hardly anyone read it – there were so many other important things to read, Imperial Decrees, Exquisite Poetry, finely crafted philosophy, and yet in a very short time this letter eclipsed them all.

In the first half of the book Paul wrote about the contrasts of judgement with good news, faith with rules keeping, freedom with bondage, and war with peace. In the second half of the book he applies these truths to the day to day lives of his readers in a way which is as relevant now as it was then.

Podcasts for this series can be found here.