The Summer 2014 edition of Heart Magazine, titled Helping the World, One Person at a Time is now available.

In it you will find articles on:

  • Superhero Concrete Boy – Reuben’s story
  • My Hobby is Milking Cows (Really?) – Carol’s story
  • ENERGIZE! – enjoying growing together
  • Soup Doesn’t Always Come in Tins – Sandra’s story
  • An Invaluable Year – Jess’s story
  • Compassion Runs Through All They Do – Dave and Hazel’s story

Plus all of the information about upcoming special evens and regular event at Fulwood Free Methodist Church.

You can read and download heart magazine below. We will also be delivering a copy to all of our neighbours. If you would like a printed copy and don’t normally get a copy delivered then call in at the church facility and we’d be happy to provide you with one.