As part of my Bible in a Year routine I’ve been tracking my progress using This morning when I looked I was greeted with the statistic that today is 49.9% day. That just about as close to half way as you can get without actually passing half way.

I recently took part in the Great North Swim, this is a 1 mile long swim in Windermere. The course that you take is in a large bay. You swim out past a number of large buoys and then back again past another set of buoys. They are huge and provide a clear marker for the course that you have to take. Most of the buoys are bright yellow but one of them, this year, was bright pink.

As I entered the water and started to swim the only thing on my mind was getting to the first bright yellow marker. If I could get to that one I could probably get to the next one.

I steadily passed the first few markers and my attention started to be drawn to the bright pink one out in the distance. I knew that if I could get to this marker I would be fine and that I would be able to finish the swim. The bright pink buoy wasn’t marking the end of the swim it was the half-mile marker, it was marking halfway.

I knew that if I could make it past halfway I could make it all the way.

Be encouraged as we pass that halfway in our Bible reading this year – you got this far, you can make it to the end.

I finished my swim and it felt great to have completed a challenge but it’s probably not going to radically change my life. As we take on the challenge of feeding on more of God’s word to us it is of eternal significance for us, but also for those around us.