Ian Higginbotham challenges us to look forward with a summer wellbeing check.

As part of his message Ian uses 10 principles for a check-up from David Shearman’s book, ‘The Unstoppable Church’, these were:

1. Have I ever been further forward spiritually than I am now?
2. Am I prepared to change?
3. Is my Bible reading a duty or a delight?
4. Am I deeply conscious of the need for more prayer, privately and corporately?
5. Do I live in daily conscious dependence on God, listening for his voice?
6. Have I wounded or hurt anyone and not yet apologised?
7. When did I last shed tears over the condition of the world and church?
8. Am I fighting a losing battle over evil thoughts?
9. When did I last undertake a spiritual fast?
10. Am I a faithful steward of all I receive?